Sunday, December 5

Metaverse is a trillion-dollar opportunity, says Grayscale

With the concept of Web 3.0 becoming more and more popular, a new area of ​​this technology started to gain prominence: About Metaverso. Although the term came into fashion because of the recent Facebook announcement, the concept is older than Zuckerberg’s plans and has a large representation within the cryptomarket, with games like Axie Infinity and other projects that unite the digital and the real .

For cryptocurrency investment giant Grayscale, the sector represents a trillion-dollar income opportunity in the future.

According to a report from the Grayscale, projects linked to the Metaverse (Metaverse) can give a lot of return in the future, with some already showing very interesting beginnings.


The report placed special emphasis on Metaverse-focused games, stating that they could grow to a $400 billion market by 2025. The report also states that the vast majority of this market growth will come from in-game spending, as it happens. currently with the purchase of items or characters in different Metaverse games.

Grayscale also highlighted that in the third quarter, a total of US$8.2 billion in investments were made in the cryptomarket, of which US$1.8 billion went to Web 3.0 companies or companies linked to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), it said. to Grayscale.

Investments in apps and games overshadowed those of NFT, with a value of about $1 billion of the $1.8 billion raised.

“Compared to the $10 billion that companies like Facebook plan to invest, and the amounts that other companies can invest in addition to venture capital firms, Metaverse is still at the beginning of its earnings.”


The Report even talked about Decentraland and how projects like it allow people to interact, govern and earn tokens, as well as earn real-world benefits from their online spending, Grayscale said.

According to the report, people are spending more and more time online and they are spending more and more money to build social status within these platforms.

Metaverse, particularly with Facebook’s recent involvement, has become one of the top sectors catching the eye of investors looking to the market’s next big wave for timely investments… and as shown by the Grayscales report, analysts believe too. in that possibility.

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