Monday, October 3

Metaverse: Stephen Curry sells 2,974 virtual sneakers for $333 each

During the Golden State Warriors’ 105-96 victory over the New York Knicks last Wednesday (15), Stephen Curry became the NBA’s top three-pointer by hitting the 2,974 3-pointer.

As a celebration, the player released not just one but two collections of 2,974 NFTs. The first one is basically digital stickers, the second one is virtual sneakers that can be used in different metaverses.

Like other sports legends like Tom Brady, Stephen Curry also has strong ties to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, he is currently a partner in one of the largest exchanges in the world and collects NFTs.

The 2,974 collection

Stickers collections are already part of our history, as in the football World Cup albums, but now they are migrating to the digital world.

Stephen Curry’s first collection features 2,974 unique stickers, all of which have already been sold, each of which represents a specific 3-point basket made by the player.

Stephen Curry’s NFT collection. Source: FTX

As expected, each of these baskets have different values ​​as they represent historical moments. As an example we can cite your first three-point basket, with a $2,800 offer.

In addition, there is basket number 1,479 — currently bid at $4,000 — in which Curry set a record 12 out of three in a single game and, of course, the number 2,974, which put him at the top. three-point NBA scorer, which is already on a $1 million bid.

Tennis in the metaverse

In addition to the above collection, Curry also put up for sale 2974 NFTs of virtual sneakers that can be used in different metaverses like Decentraland, Gala and The Sandbox.

Genesis Curry Flow Collection. Source: Curry Brand

The price of these virtual sneakers was $333 each, around 1,900 reais, and they were sold in a few moments, showing the current market demand.

Another positive point of this action is that, according to the website, 100% of the sales proceeds will go to organizations that support access to sport.

Finally, it’s worth remembering that Stephen Curry has a great passion for cryptocurrencies, the NBA star has a stake in the FTX exchange and also sports an NFT Bored Ape, bought for $180,000, in his Twitter profile picture.