Sunday, October 2

Mexican billionaire criticizes US and recommends: “Buy Bitcoin now”

Ricardo Salinas Pliego, a Mexican billionaire and the third-richest person in the country, advised investors to “buy bitcoin now”. The businessman has been a Bitcoin fan for many years and in response to the new US numbers, he recommends buying digital currency as a form of protection against inflation.

In a recent tweet, Salianas attacked US monetary policy. According to him, the US central bank is printing counterfeit money.

“The United States they look more and more like any other irresponsible third world country, wow … look at the scale of fake money creation. “, said the founder and president of Grupo Salinas, then recommending to purchase Bitcoin.

Salinas has publicly suggested to his followers that they buy Bitcoin, rather than relying on US policies, which appear to be “third world”.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego

Reactions to your publication were immediate and received several comments, most of them in the sense of asking you: when would you start receiving bitcoin in your companies? However, Salinas did not respond.

The Mexican, creator of a group of companies in telecommunications, media, financial services and retail stores, is on the Forbes list, with a net worth currently of $15 billion.

He is also the founder of Grubo Salinas, which has a banking subsidiary, Azteca, one of the largest banks in Mexico.

The billionaire is popular in the cryptocurrency community for publicly supporting Bitcoin. In November 2020, he revealed that 10% of his investment portfolio is made up of bitcoin. In June 2021, he announced that his bank would be the first financial institution in Mexico to accept cryptocurrency.

However, this plan cannot be executed, as Mexico’s central bank and the Ministry of Finance, among others, said it was not a good idea. Banks in the country are not allowed to work with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

The billionaire, in several interviews, revealed that he invested a lot of time studying Bitcoin and thought that it should be part of every investor’s portfolio.