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Mexican billionaire gives Bitcoin investment tips on Twitter

Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas, owner of a fortune valued at over US$13 billion, returned to commenting on bitcoin on Twitter on Monday night (27) and took the opportunity to teach users how to buy and keep BTC.

A card-carrying fan of the world’s largest cryptocurrency, the owner of the Salinas group, who insists on keeping the meme “laser eyes” on his profile photo, also gave advice on how much to invest in the new financial market.

“10% of your income,” he said, in response to a user who asked how much a lowly worker could risk and start investing. “And which cryptocurrencies is it advisable to buy?” asked another person, to which Salinas replied. “Bitcoin only”.

Before, however, the entrepreneur published a small tutorial on how to enter the bitcoin market with some simple steps for the first investments. In the tweet, he suggested as an example the app of Bitso, a crypto broker of Mexican origin, and explained the step by step until the conversion of pesos into bitcoin.

pro bitcoin entrepreneur

The businessman, whose fortune makes him the third richest man in Mexico, has already bothered the government with his moments of excitement on social media when it comes to Bitcoin. In June of this year, for example, when calling the BTC “digital gold”, it thought that one of its companies, supposedly Banco Azteca, would be working to be able to accept the cryptocurrency.

The day after the businessman’s comment, the Central Bank of Mexico (Banxico), together with the Secretariat of Finance (SHCP) and the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV), published a warning about the risks of using virtual assets, like bitcoin, noting that the practice is illegal in the country.

Two months later, Salinas said that cryptocurrency is the natural evolution of money and that the BTC is ‘the currency’ of the 21st century.

“Stay away from the money… It’s fake, made of paper and lies. Central banks are printing more money than ever before. invest in Bitcoin ”.

The Mexican Billionaire Post Tips on Investing in Bitcoin on Twitter first appeared on the Bitcoin Portal.

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