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Mexican creates accessories for the SEMA GMC Hummer EV | Digital Trends Spanish

The Specialty Equipment Market Association, better known by its acronym in English SEMA, estimates that in 2020 Americans spent about 40,000 million dollars in the purchase and installation of equipment for the customization of their trucks.

Obviously GMC, the division of General Motors specialized in the design, construction and sale of pickup trucks, crossovers and SUVs, wants to have the maximum possible participation in this enormous and lucrative market, and to achieve that goal it placed its trust in the Mexican Humberto Ortiz, who is currently the Creative Design Lead for General Motors’ Accessories Design Studio.

Humberto Ortiz, Creative Design Lead for General Motors’ Accessories Design Studio, and the Hummer EV equipped with accessories created by him and his team.

General Motors’ star at this week’s SEMA 2021 auto customization show in Las Vegas was undoubtedly the GMC Hummer EV, the family of electric trucks inspired by the iconic American Humvee fighting vehicle. GMC arrived at SEMA 2021 with three units of the Hummer EV, one of them in its SUV version, still in the pre-production phase, while the remaining two were pickup models: one of them in its production specification and the other completely customized with the accessories created by Humberto and his team.

Humberto Ortiz began his career with General Motors in the Mexican subsidiary of the corporation, where his work stood out to the point of being transferred in 2005 to the General Motors Design Center in Detroit. There he worked on various new vehicle design programs in both interior creation and vehicle body design programs, eventually turning to the art of accessory design.

Currently Humberto is responsible not only for the production of accessories for the GMC Hummer EV, but he is also in charge of some of the most important programs of General Motors in terms of accessories for customization, handling improvements and cargo protection, including programs of accessories for the Corvette and Camaro, two of the most important image models of the manufacturer. Humberto is also a SEMA veteran having worked on the Chevrolet Trax Active and Spark RS, and the incredible Chevelle Slammer featured at SEMA 2017, among others.

Chevelle Slammer concept from SEMA 2017

One of the points of pride for Humberto is the exact way in which the accessories created by his team fit and work in Hummer EV trucks, thanks to the fact that they were designed in parallel with the vehicles, in order to achieve a custom fit and be validated from the beginning to the production specifications.

“Their design and fit are integrated with the vehicle as if they were regular production components,” Humberto said of the accessories created for the Hummer EV, adding that “this makes them work as if they were installed on the assembly line, with quality to the market. production level, in contrast to universal aftermarket components ”. Ortiz said the new 50-inch off-road lightbar is a perfect example of the above. “Its curved profile matches the outline of the roof, while the mounting brackets share the same design language as the rest of the vehicle.”

This integration from the design phase also allows users to use electrically activated accessories such as off-road light bars and winchs, via virtual auxiliary switches enabled on the HUMMER EV’s touchscreen, without the need to add third-party, palpable switches that ruin the look of the vehicle’s dash.

The GMC Hummer EV is a vehicle whose enormous presence, volume, and weight contrasts with the agility that we normally associate with off-road vehicles, but at least in appearance, the accessories created by Humberto Ortiz, make it look ready to face the challenge, and that it is part of the magic of accessories. We will closely follow the career of this successful Mexican in Detroit.

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