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Mexican influencer YosStop is released from prison after five months | Digital Trends Spanish

Yoseline Hoffman, the youtuber Mexican, also known as YosStop, was released from the prison she had been in for five months due to an alleged case of child pornography.

Hoffman was released on November 30 after an agreement reached by her lawyers for the process to be suspended conditionally for three years, which allowed the defendant to be released. In addition, the case has been reclassified: it is no longer for child pornography, but for a crime of discrimination.

YosStop also had to pay a fine for an unspecified amount, as well as offer a public apology to the victim and promise to never again refer to someone in a degrading or humiliating way. And also, in his capacity as influencer, You will have to donate 5 percent of your income to a victim organization, as well as publish a monthly video in which you talk about the content of the courses you will have to take.

According to Yoseline Hoffman’s lawyers, the agreement was reached after obtaining the approval of the minor author of the complaint that ended with the influencer in prison. In addition, one of those involved in the rape crime that occurred in 2018 was sentenced to almost three years of assisted release, which would also have been a factor in the release of YosStop.

YosStop’s case caused controversy in June this year due to its aggressive remarks regarding a minor. And the problem was compounded by the fact that the influencer It has almost 30 million followers on social networks, including YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

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