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Mexican officials operated millionaire cryptocurrency mine | Digital Trends Spanish

Millionaire profits would have been obtained by an undetermined number of Mexican officials who operated a cryptocurrency mine. The fact was discovered in the computer system of the public network that the National College of Technical Professional Education (Conalep) has in San Luis Potosí (SLP).

After analyzing two computers and a couple of servers, specialized personnel from the city’s Cyber ​​Police found evidence of cryptocurrency mining. Everything originated from the request of Patricia Álvarez, general director of Conalep, motivated by the anomalous functioning of the equipment.

Something similar was found by law enforcement in “software, hardware and the configuration required for that purpose, as well as an individual wallet where [se] accumulated profits”, he reported in his social media the Secretary of Public Security of SLP.

Credit: Secretary of Public Security of San Luis Potosí.

At the time of the raid, the investigators detected devices that “performed mining work using equipment and resources (electricity and internet) owned by the educational institution at all times.”

The police opened an investigation to locate the alleged perpetrators, “because it is presumed that there is a network of public officials involved.” In parallel, Conalep filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office to seek to sanction the officials involved.

“Presumably millionaire profits were generated for this concept,” estimated the SLP Public Security Secretariat, which defined the operation as “the process of solving a mathematical problem by means of a computer or several connected to a network of blockchains. ”.

Founded in 1978, Conalep is a high school public educational institution that manages 32 branches throughout Mexico.

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