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Mexican press after a draw with Poland: San Memo Ochoa takes the front pages | Digital Trends Spanish

The Mexican press has sweet and sour feelings after the goalless draw against Poland in the debut of Group C of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

On the one hand, they highlighted Guillermo Memo Ochoa’s sensational save against Robert Lewandowski, which allowed the Aztecs to keep their fence at zero, but on the other hand, they were not satisfied with the point they had achieved.

The universal He maintained “Memo Ochoa did it again, he put himself in World Cup mode and saved Mexico, as he has done on multiple occasions.”

While Record He commented that, “Good display from Tri, he was able to win it, but goalkeeper Szczesny did not allow the fall.”

Reforma maintains for its part that, «Guillermo Ochoa grows so huge every time he plays a World Cup that made the crack Robert Lewandowski look small, who was stopped by a penalty in the 0-0 between the Mexican National Team and Poland in the debut in Qatar 2022″.

Finally, the specialized site MedioTiempo stressed that, “It is useless to have the ball if you do not know how to score goals and that is what happened to Mexico in its debut in the World Cup in Qatar 2022 that could not pass 0-0 draw against Polanddespite the fact that he had possession in almost the entire match, but If it hadn’t been for Memo Ochoa el Tri, he would have left unjustly defeated.

To say that Francisco Guillermo Ochoa was the hero of the National Team would be to establish that Poland was superior to Mexico, but it was not like that, what happened was that Gerardo Martino’s team doesn’t know how to score goals and he was close to leaving surprised ».

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