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Mexico City is the city with the most free Wi-Fi points in the world | Digital Trends Spanish

Free Wi-Fi is common in most large capitals and cities around the world. But there is one that stands out above the rest and that is Mexico City, which has achieved a Guinness record for being the city with the most free Wi-Fi points in the world.

In total, in the capital of Mexico there are 21,500 of these access points distributed throughout the urban limit, a number that exceeds that of Moscow (Russia), Seoul (South Korea) and Tokyo (Japan), the three cities that follow in the list of the most connected to the internet with 21,000, 13,000 and 11,000, respectively.

In Mexico City we received the Guinness Record, @gwr_es, for being the city with the most free WiFi hotspots in the world. A joint effort of @GobCDMX with @Telmex and @Aruba_LATAM. #TheMostConnectedCity

& mdash; Claudia Sheinbaum (@Claudiashein) November 10, 2021

According to the city administration, each Wi-Fi pole has a bandwidth of 100 Mb capacity, which guarantees at least 3 Mb for each person who connects. According to José Peña Merino, from Mexico’s Digital Agency for Public Innovation, said speed is sufficient “for everything one does on the internet.”

The free internet access points cover a total of 1,600 colonias and in the last two years significant work has been done increasing the coverage. In 2019, free Wi-Fi in Mexico City had less than 100 hotspots and in 85th place globally, well below the current number that has put them at the top of the list.

The CDMX free Wi-Fi network has, as of today, 12.5 million users who connect to the more than 21 thousand access points that exist in #TheMostConnectedCity of the world.

Internet access is your right, let’s go for more!

& mdash; Digital Agency for Public Innovation (@LaAgenciaCDMX) November 10, 2021

The Mexican authorities assure that the work will not remain alone in this Guinness record, since they plan to continue expanding the free internet access network to more people and reach primary and secondary education institutions and universities.

Mexico’s free internet has been implemented together with the telecommunications company Telmex, which, according to the government, has saved money in terms of contracts, use and maintenance of the infrastructure.

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