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Mexico is the country that uses cryptocurrencies the most in Latin America, according to Finder

Key facts:
  • Mexico is the 9th country with the most use of cryptocurrencies, according to the 22 countries that Finder investigated.

  • The Latin American countries studied were Colombia, Brazil and Mexico, which came first.

Finder, an Australian news agency, published a report revealing a ranking of the countries that use crypto the most. After a survey of 41,645 people in 22 nations, it identified that Mexico is the country that uses these assets the most from Latin America, compared to Colombia and Brazil.

Of the 22 countries in the world you selected Finder to verify your adoption of cryptocurrencies, Mexico was ranked ninth. In Latin America, it was number 1, considering that it only took three countries in the region, along with Colombia and Brazil, to do the research.

These two countries lagged far behind Mexico, according to Finder. It precisely positioned Brazil in 12th place and Colombia in 16th. It is striking that they have not taken into account Venezuela and Argentina in the study which, according to other organizations such as Chainalysis, identified that they have the greatest use of cryptocurrencies in Latin America.

Finder maintains that Mexico is the country with the highest adoption of
cryptocurrencies from Latin America, above Venezuela,
Colombia, Brazil and Argentina. Source: Finder /

Chainalysis shows that Venezuela is the country that uses cryptocurrencies the most in all of Latin America

The world ranking of the places that use cryptocurrencies the most, according to the report published by Chainalysis, differs greatly from that of Finder. This is because in theirs all the countries of the world were taken into account, not just 22, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

In addition, each entity took different methodologies to measure the adoption rate of these assets, which also leads them to reach different conclusions. Chainalysis argues that Venezuela is the Latin American country that uses cryptocurrencies the most, ranking number 7 worldwide.

According to his research, the countries that follow are Argentina in 10th place, Colombia in 11th and Brazil in 14th, above Mexico.

What is curious is that the United States has been ranked tenth in Finder and eighth in Chainalysis, considering that it is the country with the most cryptocurrency ATMs in the world. According to Coin ATM Radar, The United States has 27,200 bitcoin ATMs, a number that exceeds by three or four figures Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil.

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