Sunday, May 28

MiAmbiente asks drivers to respect speed limits in a protected area

Given the increase in wild animal abuse as a result of high speeds within protected areas, as well as in its surrounding areas Erick Nuñez, head of Biodiversity of the Ministry of Environment (MiAmbiente) made a lThe population is called to respect the speed limits established in each area.

“Unfortunately we are receiving many animals with blows and injuries due to being run over, especially felines” insaid Nuñez, who remarked that on many occasions the injuries are so severe that no matter how hard the veterinary team works, it is impossible to save the animals. While on the other hand many are left with mobility impairments which limits their subsistence in the natural environment where they belong.

He also asked the population to in the event of encountering an injured animal or one that is accidentally run over, do not try to manipulate itor; first because the animal can react violently trying to defend itself or because moving them can aggravate the situation.

For this reason, he indicated that what proceeds is to call the Ministry of Environment markingor 311 or the National Police emergency line 104 who will provide the required attention.