Thursday, December 9

MiAmbiente Chiriquí chooses winners of the contest “PILA, thus I love you”

As part of the anniversary celebration 33 of La Amistad International Park (PILA), some thirty-nine drawings made by the hands of primary school boys and girls participated in the drawing and painting contest “PILA, that’s how I love you.”

The contest, organized by the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of the Environment (MiAmbiente), had the participation of students from the districts of Renacimiento, Barú, Bugaba, Tierras Altas, Boquerón and David.

In the first category of the contest that comprised first to third grade, the student was awarded first place Keren Montezuma, second degree of Las Perlas Educational Center, Highlands; Ismael Tejeira, of the first degree of La Guinea de Boquerón Educational Center, with second place; while third place went to Charleanne Mills, of the second degree of Paso Ancho de Tierras Altas Educational Center.

In the second category, from fourth to sixth grade, the first place was occupied by Jasser Saldaña, from the sixth grade of the San Isidro de Bugaba Educational Center, and Yarisneth Gómez, from the Río Sereno de Renacimiento Bilingual School, came in second place.

Meanwhile, third place went to Kelvin González, from the fourth grade at the Almendro Acueducto de Barú School, and Joxán Saldaña, from the sixth grade at the San Isidro de Bugaba Educational Center.

The winners received gifts from the Regional Directorate of MiAMBIENTE Chiriquí, in addition to a seedling of the parrot species (Cojoba arborea), in commitment to mother nature.

The awarded students, together with their parents, visited the PILA, in Las Nubes, Cerro Punta and participated in the commemorative events of the park where they sang happy birthday to this important binational protected area.

Nice opportunity to be inspired by PILA. We must take care of the planet by taking care of the forests and not throwing garbage into rivers or wherever we want, ”said Yarisneth Gómez, from the Río Sereno Bilingual School.

A commitment to environmental education “_We continue to strengthen awareness among the community, especially in the women and men of tomorrow without neglecting the present generation who are called to watch over the country’s natural heritage” _ said Krislly Quintero, regional director of MiAMBIENTE .

The qualifying jury for this contest was made up of technical personnel from PILA, from Watersheds and a biologist.