Thursday, December 7

MiAmbiente opens registration for the Reduce your Corporate Water Footprint program

The Ministry of the Environment (MiAmbiente) announced that registrations are now open for the Reduce Your Corporate Water Footprint program until January 31 from 2022, program aimed at all public, private and civil society organizations interested in participating in a corporate water footprint management program.

The Reduce Your Corporate Water Footprint program ands the first voluntary program targeting non-state actors, which seeks to implement climate change adaptation strategies, through the evaluation of the water footprint of the participating organizations, for a more efficient management of the resource, details the MiAmbiente press release.

With this component, the Directorate of Climate Change of MiAmbiente, busca promote and strengthen the contributions of our country to the achievement of compliance with the Paris Agreement.

Some benefits of participating in the program are:

• Enhance the value of the company, highlighting its commitment to corporate social responsibility.

• Position companies as leaders in decision-making on the culture of water footprint management

• Opportunities for adaptation to climate change as a country.

Ligia Castro De Dones, national director of climate change and promoter of this initiative, affirms that all key stakeholders in the climate action issue should be included because it is a shared responsibility.

Reduce Your Corporate Water Footprint was officially launched on November 5th from 2021, and the program has been presenting internationally at Expo 2020 Dubai and recently, at the COP26 held in Glasgow, UK.

Additionally, during COP26 Panama together with the governments of the United Kingdom, Finland and Peru signed the Declaration of Fair Water Footprints, and they pledged to take meaningful actions to ensure efficient water resource management.

The program is accompanied by a guide and a calculation tool, which will be provided free of charge., and will allow organizations to measure their impact on the water footprint. In this way, a study of the institutional situation can be developed to curb excesses and detect deficiencies that are impacting the sustainable development of the company.

It is aimed at any organization, both in the public and private sectors and civil society, that are duly incorporated in the territory of the Republic of Panama, and are interested in participating in a corporate water footprint management program. For more information, enter the portal:

My Environment explains that hehe water footprint and the water footprint are indicators that reflect the impact on the water resource in the production of goods and services. This footprint is applicable both at the level of organizations, countries or public institutions, and by making a correct study of the situation, it is possible to curb excesses or detect deficiencies that are costing sustainability more.