Monday, May 16

Miami is the capital of cryptocurrencies, as expressed by Francis Suárez in TNABC 2022

The mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez was present at the The North American Bitcoin Conference 2022 (TNABC) which is taking place from the city of Miami. An event expected by the ecosystem, and that, for the eighth consecutive time, has been possible. During the conference, one of the most important invited panelists was the presentation of the mayor of this city, Francis Suárez, who took advantage of the stage to emphasize that Miami is the capital of cryptocurrencies and the capital of Bitcoin. «The capital of the capital”. He said.

During his speech he extended his thanks to all the attendees. Meanwhile, he highlighted the honor it would have been for the mayor to join the rest of the panelists present at this forum. He also mentioned that with conferences of this size, Miami is seen as a great Crypto city. He added that he saw a lot of talent at the conference so he was sure the future ahead will be “bright” because it will be led by the real innovators. In this sense, he showed interest in learning about the innovative ideas that will emerge after this edition of the TNABC 2022 conference.

Francis Suarez at TNABC 2022

Miami and its commitment to Blockchain technology, Bitcoin and Web 3.0

However, during his participation he mentioned that, from the city administration, they believe in the power of Web 3.0 and in new technologies. Since the development of such technologies can benefit virtually all industries and all sectors of our society. At the same time providing a more secure and inclusive resilient infrastructure. They also believe that it is a place for greater economic prosperity, as well as a new vision of participatory and responsible government.

He highlighted that these technologies provide tools that can help build a better vision of how to use technology in our society: “One that moves away from surveillance capitalism and moves toward democratization and participation.” He said.

TNABC 2022 a conglomerate of innovative ideas

For this reason, he expressed the importance of his government management in participating in conferences like these that can strengthen his government. Meanwhile, he stressed that in Miami, they take cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology very seriously.

In this sense, he mentioned how open he was in receiving projects that help strengthen this city. He mentioned to Planet Watch that he is looking to implement air quality sensors on a large scale. And, he said that this is the time to focus on solving, together with blockchain technology, the most pressing problems such as the ideological division, climate change and unequal access to both digital and physical resources.

«We have to embrace innovation, there’s just no other way.”

To finish, he introduced the CEO of the first Fintech company based in Miami that offers the first crypto mortgage in the United States. And, the first in the world to offer a 30-year term.

Let us remember that Francis Suárez has shown his support in relation to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Over the past year, headlines on our website reported some of the actions the politician has taken to encourage the use of Bitcoin and crypto in the city. Among those that stand out, for example, the announcement that he would receive his salary in cryptocurrencies. At the time, he mentioned his interest in wanting to make the city the cryptocurrency capital of not only the United States, but also the world.