Saturday, November 27

MiBus and ATTT carry out social sensitivity workshop

As part of strengthening road safety and seeking to improve driving practices, the company MiBus en joint with the Transit and Land Transportation Authority (ATTT) carried out an awareness day to teach about the importance of identifying blind spots.

In this workshop, those areas of visual difficulty that all types of vehicles maintain were recognized, performing the exercise with a private car and a metrobus, identifying 6 blind spots according to the hands of the clock, where it was later explained that when applying the technique visual sweep and perform body movements to eliminate blind spots and be more cautious with the whole environment.

“Blind spots from the driver’s position in any vehicle, limit his field of vision which can create risk areas in which road accidents can be caused, they can occur at low speeds, even before starting or resuming routes,” that is why road users, whether drivers, pedestrians or cyclists, must be aware that vehicles maintain blind spots and that it is actually everyone’s responsibility to be vigilant and ensure road safety “, he mentioned. Juan Yau, Director of Service Logistics.

In recent months, the effort that the ATTT ha carried out to reinforce road safety education, promoting knowledge of the laws and regulations by which our country is governed on the roads.

These preventive road education actions allow, in turn, to provide greater knowledge of traffic regulations that involve different people on the roads such as: the driver, pedestrian, cyclist, motorcyclist, people with reduced mobility, resulting in a safer tour for everyone.

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