Monday, December 6

Michael Burry uses music to attack cryptocurrency investors and Tesla stocks

Known for being a hardcore rocker, Michael Burry has used his Twitter feed to attack those who have investments in cryptocurrencies and shares in Tesla, a company he has publicly criticized.

For those who don’t know, Michael Burry is a renowned figure in the traditional US financial market, predicting the 2008 crisis and profiting billions from the bank failure.

In recent months, he has turned his sights on the cryptocurrency market, attacking whenever possible this market, for which he does not believe there is a foundation. In addition, he is a fierce critic of Tesla and has already made a big bet in the company’s downfall.

As he became famous, he is one of the main characters in the movie A Grande Aposta, where he even appears carrying out market analyzes, always with a good rock sound on.

With a song called “Corpos”, Michal Burry believes that those who have cryptocurrencies and Tesla shares will not survive long in the market.

The cryptocurrency market has already generated good profits for those who caught the current market’s bullish cycle, mainly with Bitcoin, which appreciated in 2021 alone about 120% against the Dollar.

Tesla’s shares, on the other hand, also registered a large increase in the consolidated for the year, with a 46% increase against the Dollar. In other words, those who bought these assets on the first day of 2021 may have a good profit, which even served as a protection against inflation, which operates at a high.

However, for Michael Burry the gains from cryptocurrencies and Tesla shares are about to come to an end, with most of the current holders of these assets being new people.

He shared a song called “Corpos” by the Texas band Drowning Pool, which was released in 2001, saying that many people have never heard this sound before because they weren’t born at the time, and then dedicated the song to those who have cryptocurrencies and electric vehicle stocks. , like Tesla.

“Many of you who won in cryptocurrencies and EV stocks weren’t alive to it. So, this is for you.”

Michael Burry doesn’t believe those who own cryptocurrencies and Tesla shares will survive for long.

What does the song dedicated by Michael Burry say?

Drowning Pool’s music is presented with a very intense sound, saying “Let the bodies hit the ground” several times. In addition, the official music video shows a man in a kind of asylum, where he appears denying that there is anything wrong with him, despite his appearance showing great fear.

Known as a famous crisis identifier and rock connoisseur, Michael Burry he may be assuming that novice traders in cryptocurrencies and electric vehicle stocks like Tesla will face their fears as the market declines.

The analyst’s publication this Saturday (13) comes at a time when Bitcoin closed four days in a row with a low in the market, as well as Tesla shares lost 14% in the last week. After a few hours, as usual, he deleted his Twitter, but the print had already been done by the world community that echoed the new attack.

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