Sunday, May 28

Michael Douglas will give Bitcoin prize at movie event

Actor Michael Kirk Douglas, married to actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, will give a Bitcoin prize at an event for young filmmakers. Michael is a famous actor in the movies, having starred in the successful films “Wall Street – Money Never Sleeps”, “Basic Instinct”, Marvel’s “Ant-Man”, among others.

In his most recent performance, he participated in the sitcom “The Kominsky Method”, which ended in 2021 on Netflix.

Furthermore, he is the son of actor Kirk Douglas who starred in the lead role in the original Spartacus movie. Michael has also been the director of several productions and carries in his achievement an Oscar as the lead actor in the Wall Street movie.

Michael Douglas will give Bitcoin award to young film talent

Actor Michael Douglas was announced in recent days as the Advisor and Guest of Honor of the Fourth Meihodo International Youth Visual Media Festival, an event created in Japan in 2018.

This will be the first time that the event will be hosted by the US headquarters of Japan-based Meihodo in New York. On February 22, she will be featured on YouTube, which is when Michael will introduce the winner.

According to a press release, the festival’s theme will be “Dreaming Big in the Digital Revolution”. As a major event in the film industry, it attracted thousands of entries from over 100 countries.

Winners will win in addition to Bitcoin, NFTs as exclusive prizes. The total prize pool is expected to be US$100,000. This possibility was announced by James Zhang, vice president of Meihodo International Youth Visual.

“This year, as we celebrate the next generation of film artists and employ new awards features such as NFTs and cryptocurrencies, we are incredibly honored and excited to be joining Michael Douglas.”

Legendary Actor Will Stamp Winners’ NFTs

No release, the event further explained how NFTs will be used. Winners will be classified in the Grand, Gold, Silver and Bronze categories. Thus, each category winner will receive official NFT trophies through OpenSea.

All NFTs will have unique digital representations of the posters submitted from the winning films, as well as the official signature of actor Michael Douglas.

Bitcoin was chosen by Meihedo as the award due to its global popularity as the main form of digital currency. This is the first event in the billion-dollar film industry to give out prizes in Bitcoin and NFTs, showing that the industry is already catching on to the possibilities.

In the short film sector, Meihedo is today one of the main references.

Last week, Netflix asked its fans what they thought of the NFTs, showing that it could also be linked to technology.