Wednesday, October 4

Michael Keaton appears from Batman in photo of the canceled Batgirl | Digital Trends Spanish

After the batgirl cancellationone of the directors of the late series, Adil El Arbi, shared a photo on the recording set, where Leslie Grace appears in character, along with Michael Keaton dress Batman.

Adil El Arbi has shared a still of Leslie Grace’s Batgirl and Michael Keaton’s Batman from the set of the canceled ‘BATGIRL’ film.

— DiscussingFilm (@DiscussingFilm) August 5, 2022

For now we only have the appearance of Michael Keaton in The Flash playing the “Bat Man”.

Kevin Feige sent an email to the directors of Batgirl

Secondly, Kevin Feigthe renowned producer of the universe that involves The Avengers, sent an email to the directors of Batgirl to support them as a result of the measure taken by Warner Bros Discovery to cancel the premiere of its Gotham heroine movie.

“My friends, I have to reach out to you and say that all of us are thinking of you, both for the wonderful news about the wedding (Congratulations!) and the disappointing news about Batgirl,” the head of Marvel Studios wrote to the directors. .

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