Wednesday, January 19

Michael Saylor: “If you have Bitcoin, don’t sell it”

According to Michael J. Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, Bitcoin is the world’s reserve asset. It is the best hedge against inflation. But not good enough to buy a cup of coffee.

Specifically, Michael Saylor, without exception, believes that Bitcoin (BTC) is the best cryptocurrency. Although he does not think it is useful to buy a coffee.

«You don’t want to pay for your coffee with your Bitcoins. You want to pay for your coffee with a coin».

By the way, in an interview in Squawk Box. Michael J. Saylor expresó: «Bitcoin is to save and preserve the value of money over time. Not to pay for coffee at Starbucks».

In particular, viewing Bitcoin as an asset, rather than a currency, also makes life easier from a regulatory perspective.

«All of these regulations are actually regulations that restrict the use of a cryptocurrency as a currency. Rather than as a property. If you recognize that, it is easy to see that the future of the industry is quite bright.».

By the way, Michael Saylor faced the country’s inflation problems. And he noted that Bitcoin would provide the best hedge against inflation.

«There is going to be volatility, but it seems to me that we now have universal recognition that the world needs inflation hedging. So if you have Bitcoin, don’t sell it».

Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy y Bitcoin

At the Miami Conference in June, Michael Saylor said: «I was prepared to retire quietly. He hadn’t posted on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for four years. Then the Bitcoin thing happened to me and I was dragged into the fray again».

“Everyone criticizes something they don’t understand is new.”

Ultimately, the fundamentals of MicroStrategy, founded in 1989, were the same as they had been for years. Until on August 11, 2020, Michael Saylor converted practically all of the company’s cash into Bitcoin. In the months that followed, he doubled and tripled his Bitcoin stake.

«One day, billions of people will have digital properties. We want to get there before those billions of people arrive».

Increase your BTC holding

Most importantly, CEO Michael Saylor has made the acquisition of Bitcoin a second term for his 32-year-old company.

In fact, in fiscal fourth quarter 2021, MicroStrategy, has doubled its Bitcoin holdings. Now, as of November 29, he owns 121,044 Bitcoins. By the way, Michael Saylor says it will probably stick around forever.

In effect, business intelligence software company MicroStrategy has announced which has added 7,002 Bitcoins for around $ 414 million.

According to a tweet from Michael Saylor, the acquisition would have been executed at the $ 59,187 level, for a total of $ 414.4 million.

As a curious fact, Michael Saylor stated that MicroStrategy is committed to buying more Bitcoin. And he has no plans to sell it. Saylor called Bitcoin a great long-term investment for shareholders.

In any case, Michael Saylor with MicroStrategy and Bitcoin is not luck. It’s one of the best financial decisions of a 21st century CEO.

«We are profitable, we are generating a very healthy operating margin. And I am very satisfied with the stability and maturity of that business.».

In closing, if you want to be like Michael Saylor, Bitcoin should be yours too.

BTW, as Bitcoin is priced at roughly $ 56,674 at the time of writing. The value of MicroStrategy’s holdings equates to about $ 7 billion.

I say goodbye with this phrase from Michael J. Saylor: «Don’t ask what your Bitcoin can do for you. Ask, what can you do for your Bitcoin».