Monday, August 8

Michael Saylor reveals how much his bitcoins have valued in 1 year

Exactly a year ago, Michael Saylor, founder and CEO of MicroStrategy, revealed himself to be a Bitcoin whale. Owner of a large capital in digital currency with his company to the point of placing it among the 50 wallets with the most bitcoin stored, his fortune has appreciated more than six times in this period.

By getting his digital coins at an even lower average price than the company itself, Saylor’s earnings (and not yet realized) over this 12-month period show that he made the right choice when buying Bitcoin.

In addition to shopping, the billionaire also shows to be very committed to the project, always talking about Bitcoin in his own Twitter account, as well as in replies to other bitcoiners and people in general.

Bitcoin Whale

In addition to his company’s 114,042 BTC, MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor also revealed that he does not intend to sell his huge amount acquired. Through Twitter, the billionaire claimed, exactly a year ago, that he had bought 17,732 BTC.

The more than 17 thousand bitcoins were acquired for around 175 million dollars, almost R$ 1 billion at the current price and are currently worth more than 6 times this value, 6.1 billion reais.

On Twitter then, he recalled that “You must not sell your Bitcoin”, citing a past speech of his in the market.

“Some people asked how many BTCs I own. I personally have 17,732 BTC, which I bought for an average price of $9,882 each. I informed MicroStrategy about this purchase before the company decided to buy bitcoin for itself.”

Although users can use several wallets, separating their BTC into several parts for security reasons, currently this amount puts Saylor among the 50 wallets that have the most bitcoins stored.

MicroStrategy’s BTCs, if they were in the same portfolio, would occupy the 4th position, indeed both Saylor and his company can be considered whales. And the wealth of both, when measured in dollars, registered an expressive multiplication.

Presence confirmed on Twitter

One of Saylor’s main hobbies is talking about Bitcoin on Twitter. He is often seen commenting on other people’s posts defending Bitcoin.

Last Wednesday (27), after El Salvador bought another 420 BTC for a good price, Saylor responded to President Nayib Bukele’s announcement that “every day is a good day to buy bitcoin“.

As well as can be seen commenting on tweets from Tom Brady, Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey and several other social network users who have already openly declared their interest and involvement with Bitcoin.

It’s just important to remember that talking about how many coins you have publicly purchased is a bad practice, given the increase in crimes against cryptocurrency users around the world, with criminals already looking at these coins for theft.