Wednesday, August 17

Microsoft buys Two Hat to improve moderation on Xbox | Digital Trends Spanish

The moderation and security of users in online environments is increasingly important, especially in the ecosystem of consoles. In light of that, Microsoft has announced the acquisition of Two Hat, a company dedicated precisely to the moderation of content and online communities, which could be the perfect fit for Xbox.

Two Hat as a company started in 2012 with the goal that anyone should be able to participate in internet conversations without fear. And for this they created a technology based on artificial intelligence that analyzes, classifies and filters the interactions between users, whether between messages that are sent, videos or images.

Microsoft had already been using Two Hat’s services on Xbox, Microsoft and MSN for years, and apparently the impact has been too positive to acquire the entire company.


From Microsoft they reveal that the implementation of Two Hat technology has allowed them to detect and eliminate potentially harmful content before it reaches its final recipients, which is key in community environments such as video games, which can end up being very harmful without any control.

This acquisition does not mean that Two Hat will work exclusively with Microsoft from now on. On the contrary, what the new owners want to do is continue to provide support to both current Two Hat customers and those they may reach in the future. Because in the long run, the goal of both companies is to empower and protect the various types of people and communities that exist throughout the internet.

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