Friday, December 3

Microsoft integrates its new video editor in Office | Digital Trends Spanish

A couple of months ago, Microsoft announced the purchase of Clipchamp, a video editing web application geared towards less-skilled users in general. And today, Clipchamp is joining the suite room of Office and Microsoft 365 applications.

Beyond its integration with Office, Clipchamp exists in two formats: as an application for web browsers (Edge and Google Chrome) and also as a native one that can be downloaded from the Microsoft store on Windows.

Clipchamp’s goal is primarily to create short, simple videos; in that sense, the application does not compete with Adobe Premiere or DaVinci Resolve, which are used in more professional environments. Instead, Clipchamp comes ready with templates, effects, and even videos from stock in case it is needed.

Clipchamp is a free application that also has a paid version and offers some extra options, especially regarding the quality and resolution of the videos to be exported. However, it’s unclear if those options will stick with paid Office or Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

In addition to Clipchamp, Microsoft will add another video option to its office applications, specifically PowerPoint. In the future, it will be possible to record slide shows and even record narration-type audio to avoid improvising over an exhibition, for example.

According to Microsoft, PowerPoint video recording is only available during the first months of 2022, although for now there are no further specifications on how it will be implemented or if it will be available both in the native version for Windows and also in the version for the web. .

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