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Microsoft is inspired by Bill Gates to expand harassment rules | Digital Trends Spanish

It was in 2020 when Microsoft experienced a delicate situation with its former CEO, Bill Gates, for the affair of the founder of the company with an employee. According to a reportThe Wall Street Journal board members encouraged him to resign before the investigation into the incident was concluded. The report says that Gates claimed the matter was “consensus,” but does not offer any additional details about Microsoft’s response.

That has given way to the company today deciding to take the reins on situations of sexual harassment.

In a Microsoft blog post, the company agrees to publish an annual report on its sexual harassment and gender discrimination policies, which will include the number of incidents reported and actions taken as a result. It also aims to review its anti-harassment and discrimination policy, as well as revamp the way it conducts investigations.

The 50 page report It sets out a series of recommendations that Microsoft will implement by June 30, 2023, with some going into effect before then.

In addition to providing recommendations, the report also outlines recent incidents of harassment and discrimination at Microsoft. According to the report, Microsoft received a total of 721 total complaints from 2019 to 2021, with 453 gender discrimination reports making up the majority, followed by 210 sexual harassment complaints and 58 gender harassment complaints.

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