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Microsoft shows Chrome users messages to use Edge | Digital Trends Spanish

Microsoft is determined to increase the market share of its Edge browser, and to achieve this it displays messages in which in not exactly subtle ways it invites users of Windows 11 and Windows 10 to install Edge instead of Chrome, the most common browser. popular.

The Neowin portal collected some of the messages that several Windows users have detected while trying to install Chrome. Some have a humorous tone, like one that says, “That browser is so 2008! Do you know what today is? Microsoft Edge ”, or another that mentions:“ I hate saving money, no one ever said. Microsoft Edge is the best browser for online shopping ”.

One of the messages has a much more corporate tone: “Microsoft Edge uses the same technology as Chrome, but with the reliability of Microsoft.”

Image: Neowin.
Microsoft posts messages for Chrome users to use Edge
Image: Neowin.

Will these messages have an impact on Edge’s popularity? We don’t know (whoever signed this note installed Chrome as soon as it finished installing Windows 11), but Microsoft certainly has a long way to go if it at least intends to overshadow Chrome’s dominance.

Net MarketShare analytics data point out that when it comes to computers, Chrome dominates the market with 69.28 percent. Behind it is precisely Edge, with a distant 7.75 percent, and Firefox, with 7.48 percent. Interestingly, Internet Explorer has 5.21 percent of the market, surely thanks to the offices in the old browser is still crucial software.

Of course, we believe that Microsoft can offer better incentives to promote the use of Edge, especially if doing so represents improvements in Microsoft services. For instance, Microsoft announced the Clarity Boost feature for Edge and Game Pass. This feature adds a filter that improves the image when playing Game Pass titles in the cloud.

Games do not run at a higher resolution in Edge, Clarity Boost simply adds a filter that optimizes the image. The feature wasn’t life-changing, but at least it made us curious to see what Game Pass games look like in the cloud when running with Edge.

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