Tuesday, July 5

Microsoft Teams will be integrated by default in Windows 11 | Digital Trends Spanish

For the past few years, Microsoft has been pushing Microsoft Teams as the ultimate tool for remote communications and not just for work environments. But the arrival of Windows 11 will give an even greater boost to Teams, since it will be integrated into the operating system at the factory.

The Teams application will now be displayed in the launch bar and Microsoft hopes that it will be an important part of the habits of using the new Windows 11. The contact list will be displayed when clicking on the Teams icon in the bar and notifications from Video or voice calls will be part of the operating system as such.

In other words, you will no longer have to download Teams as before in Windows 10 or other operating systems. Windows 11 will arrive by default and Microsoft’s goal is for it to be the default communication application for most people.

Now, strategically, this is a very smart move on the part of the company. Since the beginning of the pandemic, tools such as Zoom or Google Meet have become very relevant across various environments. In the case of Microsoft Teams, its main focus was on organizations, but a version for traditional users was released last May.

It is not the first time that Microsoft has done something like this. From Windows 95 onwards, applications were integrated with each new version of the operating system that performed functions previously limited to third-party tools. An example of this was zip files, which since Windows XP received native support, so it was no longer necessary to download software such as WinZip.

On the other hand, with the new boost to Teams, the future of Skype should be lamented, an application that basically serves the same purpose but has been in the background for years.

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