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Microsoft will now allow open source software in its store | Digital Trends Spanish

a flip gave microsoft on his idea of ​​banning open source software from his app store, and has now reported that he will reverse this situation.

The company says it has listened to the feedback, which was negative, and has updated Microsoft’s store policies, removing references to open source pricing. Microsoft has also clarified why it implemented the ban.

In a series of tweets announcing the latest policy changes removing this ban, Microsoft’s Giorgio Sardo says the previous policy was intended to “help protect customers from misleading product listings”:

Last month, we shared a few updates to Microsoft Store policies to help protect customers from misleading product listings. We heard your feedback, and today we made a change to policy 10.8.7 and 11.2 1/3

— Giorgio Sardo (@gisardo) July 18, 2022

“We are committed to building an open store and allowing developers choice and flexibility. If there are concerns about the intellectual property of an application. There are many great free and paid OSS apps in the Microsoft Store, and we look forward to welcoming more,” said App Store General Manager.

In a policy history update, Microsoft makes a brief Explanation change. The latest version of the Microsoft Store Policies document can be viewed here.

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