Thursday, September 16

Microsoft will open a ‘hub’ in Barcelona focused on Artificial Intelligence

The technology multinational Microsoft has announced this Monday that it will open in Barcelona a logistics center (‘hub’) for research and development on Artificial Intelligence models, the first of its kind in Spain, which will initially have a staff of 30 people.

Sánchez: Microsoft’s “hub” tests the potential of Spain and Catalonia

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In a statement, the US company informs that Barcelona will be one of the eight research centers that its WebXT (Web Experiences Team) division has in the world, “focused on the development of advanced user experiences based on the use of Artificial Intelligence and deep learning technologies “.

Specifically, this first Spanish research center of the company will be led by the company’s Search & AI team, led by the corporate vice president of Microsoft in the United States, Jordi Ribas.

“I am convinced that implementing this ‘hub’ in Spain will add a lot of value to Microsoft’s proposal throughout the world,” said Ribas.

Ribas’ team is specialized in the development of multiple Microsoft products, such as Windows, Azure and Bing.

In this first phase, Microsoft’s investment in the center of Barcelona includes hiring some thirty software engineers and data scientists specialized in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and deep learning.

Microsoft contemplates that the staff of this center may exceed one hundred employees “in the next few years.”

The company’s statement sends statements by the first vice president of the Government, Nadia Calviño, who highlights that the Executive Recovery Plan “is already mobilizing significant investments in the sectors of the future.”

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