Friday, February 3

MicroStrategy bought back BTC! This time $ 94M was exchanged

According to a recent publication by company representatives, the holdings of the most influential cryptocurrency grew during the current month. MicroStrategy bought back coins using millions of dollars in exchanges for BTC.

The last purchase operation of the firm made the portfolio now oscillate the substantial figure of $ 6MM.

Portfolio extension

In accordance with what had been done before, the company unveiled its new acquisition of holdings. A round of operations was carried out in the last month, which ended up extending the Bitcoin reserve created in 2020.

With this, MicroStrategy bought coins again until it had a total of around $ 5.9MM, taking into account the profits obtained.

The firm began the procedure of acquiring BTC on December 9, buying cryptocurrencies in various operations. This scenario continued its course on the 29th, where the exchange of the specified sum would take place.

This time, some 1,914 coins were bought, at the time that the Bitcoin market was each trading at $ 49,229. This, according to the report shown when MicroStrategy attended the US Securities Commission.

Since the company embarked on the quest to gather cryptocurrencies last year, the expansion of the portfolio has not stopped. Despite the considerable drop in late 2021, it continued to bet on crypto holdings and its capital only grew.

Purchase report

Due to the consolidated operation, the total number of coins collected now stands at over 124,000 units. Through the publication of a tweet, Michael Saylor, co-founder of the company, issued the details related to the purchase.

In the statement, it is clarified that MicroStrategy bought BTC again, reaching the 124,391 coins that would make up a value very close to 6 billion dollars, adding the profits. The latter would oscillate the $ 2.1MM, compiling all the purchases made since August of the previous year.

On the other hand, after the acquisition of more coins was reported, the price of the leading cryptocurrency has not yet taken off. Bitcoin remains looking to break out of the resistance demarcated at $ 50K, while several peaks approached $ 48K and $ 49K in the past few days.