Monday, December 6

MiCultura and the Municipality of Panama presented “Mar Del Zvr: Myth and Reality”

Within the framework of Bicentennial of the Independence of Panama from Spain, the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Panama, presented last Sunday, November 21, the work of contemporary dance, “MAR DEL ZVR: Myth and Reality“.

This is a work produced by the Gramo Danse Foundation, with 100% Panamanian cast and winner of the Iberescena Fund 2015-2016, created in 2006 in order to promote performing arts activities with innovative languages ​​and new expressions that dialogue with the contemporary scene.

Present at the presentation were the vice minister of culture, Gabriel Gonzalez; the mayor of the district of Panama, Jose Luis Fabrega and the national director of the Arts of the Ministry of Culture, Daniel Domínguez.

The work focuses its narrative on the arrival of the Spanish in Panama and the role of Vasco Nunez de Balboa, being a well-coordinated art show full of magic, expression, talent and knowledge, which was carried out thanks to the inter-institutional union of the Ministry of Culture and the municipality of Panama.

The story also recreates various events that the crew had to face; from mythological sea monsters stalking the ship’s crew, to a unique ship that navigates the heights through storms in search of land.

Also, from a battle between corsairs and indigenous groups of the isthmus; since the delivery of Scientists from the hands of his father, the defeated Cacique Mask, Balboa as “war prize”, To the vicissitudes of Balboa and his men during their slow crossing through the Darien jungle and the eventual sighting of the South Sea.

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