Monday, December 6

Mida already has $ 120 million insured for the payment of incentives to the agricultural sector for next year

The Minister of Agricultural Development, Augusto Valderrama, announced that it already has a pbudget approved for $ 120 million that will be used for incentive payments to agricultural producers for next year, during a meeting with members of the Association of Producers of Rice and Basic Grains of Darién and Panama East, held in Cañazas de Tortí.

“This gives the producer peace of mind because this government wants them to continue producing, since It has been concluded that the agricultural sector is responsible for the social peace of the country, so they will continue to support it, ”Valderrama reaffirmed.

In addition, he announced payments with the $ 25 million of the extraordinary loan recently approved, with which the disbursement of the remaining $ 900,000 from the finished production. With those same funds production payments for the next agricultural cycle will begin, which is already in the harvest phase, and the disbursement to corn growers and milk producers, according to a Mida press release.

Valderrama pointed out that the Panama Solidario Program it was effective because it achieved that the Panamanian producer had its market guaranteed in the midst of the pandemic and $ 95 million were invested in the purchase of national products such as: cattle, rice, corn, chicken, piglets, yams, cassava, otoe and others to support them. In addition to this, The Agricultural Development Bank (BDA) through its Panama Agro solidarity program has granted loans for more than $ 40 million small producers, and the Instituto de Seguro Agropecuario (ISA) has paid more than $ 11 million in delinquent policies since 2005.

The minister noted that eThis meeting was very positive and producers were asked the importance of producing much more with less. Issues such as increases in agricultural inputs, commercialization of rice and other grains, grain storage facilities, compensation payments, production roads, TPC with the United States, among other concerns presented by the group of producers to the authorities were addressed.

Regarding the issue of the TPC relief with the United States, said that the government is analyzing the situation and the corresponding measures will be taken so that formulas can be found for the defense of sensitive items and so that the agricultural sector is not affected and can continue to solve social problems and that agriculture continues to develop.

For his part, the president of the Association of Rice Producers of Panama East and Darién, César Cruz indicated that they left the meeting satisfied with the answers they obtained, because they touched on several points that worried them, such as the increase in production cost for next year and that producers will continue to make the effort to continue producing because they know that rice is the most important grain for Panamanians, but that this cost must be borne by all.

On the subject of payments, he stated that with the answers they obtained on theavailability of funds gives them peace of mind and that they left this meeting with a good taste.

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