Monday, October 3

Mida and producers continue to look for alternatives to increases in inputs, marketing and financing

Increase of inputs, financing, imports and free fairss were some of the topics that were addressed in the meeting between producers and a work team from the Ministry of Agricultural Development (Mida), led by the head of the portfolio, Augusto Valderrama, in the Zaratí room of the Atlapa Convention Center.

Valderrama attended to the producers, who expressed their most pressing needs, such as the shortage and rise of inputs and fertilizers, which are used for production, a situation facing the world, as a result of the new coronavirus pandemic. In Panama, as an alternative, they seek to work with organic fertilizers, which are cheaper and benefit the soil.

Furthermore, se discussed the issue of imports and explained how the National Government deals with this situation, andn benefit of producers. They also talked about financing to ensure next year’s production; peripheral free fairs and stalls in Merca Panama, so that producers can sell their products at low prices.

Valderrama was satisfied with the meeting and asked that meet again in January to respond promptly to requests from producers. He explained that the agricultural sector has been shielded, for the benefit of producers, with a 20-year state policy.

Nelson Cedeño, from Ganaderos al Rescate, rated the meeting as positive; since the correct steps were taken to satisfy the needs of the sector, for the benefit of Panamanian consumers.

Kenio Rodríguez, from the United Producers Association, said that his group is leaving the meeting convinced that Mida and the National Government are in tune with the producers, to help them to develop their work and to sell their products.

EThe holder of the Mida was accompanied by the Minister Counselor of Agricultural Affairs, Carlos Salcedo; the deputy minister, Carlo Rognoni; Blanca Gómez, Technical Secretary of the Agricultural Cabinet and national directors of this institution. Por the producers participated, the Ganaderos al Rescate group and the National Association of United Producers, highlights the Mida press release.