Saturday, December 4

Mida announces the first phase of the National Program for Good Agricultural Practices and Traceability

The validation of the available tools that will be used in the first phase of registration and diagnosis of farms, is carried out at the national level by the personnel of the Traceability Department, of the National Directorate of Plant Health of the Ministry of Agricultural Development (Mida), at the national level.

The officials of Sanidad Vegetal del Mida, carried out in Region 4 of Coclé, Agencies of La Pintada and Penonomé, an in-service training event aimed at technical personnel from this region, highlights a press release from Mida.

To carry out these activities, the producers Fermina Vásquez de Gonzáles de la Sustainable Agrotropical Company, located in Rio Grande and producer Christopher Koo of the Empresa The Nothern Farm from the town of La Pintada.

As part of this validation, the evaluation of the tool stands out “Instructions for Filling the Control Points of the Forms of the National Program of Good Practices and Agricultural Traceability (PN-BPTA) 002”, andn agricultural holdings dedicated to cucurbits and aromatic crops (rosemary, basil, coriander, mint, thyme, dill, mastranto among others), for export and for national consumption. Similarly, Form PN-BPTA 001 was applied for registration of agricultural holdings.

Through this activity, the authorities of the Regional Directorate of Mida in Coclé will be notified of the execution and progress of the PN-BPTA based on the provisions of Law 11 and Executive Decree No. 30, in order to start the implementation of the activities of registration and diagnosis of the situation of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

It will also communicate and promote the joint work with private sector producers in R4 on the progress and execution of the PN-BPTA.

An additional e will be performedIn-service training to the coordinator of plant health, technicians of the technical secretariat, of agriculture, extensionists and agro-exporters on filling in forms 001 and 002 and using the filling instructions for the diagnosis of GAP.

The Regional Director of Mida, Juan de Dios Domínguez and the participating producers showed interest in the implementation of the program in this region of the country.

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