Tuesday, December 7

Mida assures that there is no reason for the increase in the price of meat and milk

The Vice Minister of Agricultural Development, Carlo Rognoni, assured that there is no reason for the increase in the price of beef and milk from cattle that has been experienced in the local market, explaining that this increase would only be feasible if there were any difficulties in the production, processing and production processes. distribution of these items, something that is not happening at the moment.

Rognoni stressed that, although all links in the production chain, processing and distribution of meat and milk have the right to obtain a reasonable profit, this is not the time to speculate on prices, affecting the final consumer.

For his part, the former president of the National Association of Ranchers (Anagan), Aquiles Acevedo, admitted that at this time the country faces an increase in the production costs of various agricultural items, including meat and milk, due to the increase in the price of oil and agricultural inputs, however, he clarified that livestock farmers have not received an increase in the payment they receive from the processing industries, so nothing justifies the increase in the price of these products to the final consumer.


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