Wednesday, January 26

Mida meets with the dairy sector to strengthen genetic and productive improvement

To strengthen productivity, genetics and efficiency in the livestock sector, authorities of the Ministry of Agricultural Development (Mida), held a meeting with the country’s dairy sector, in which they also analyzed the current processes of this vital food of Panamanians, whichthat with its production generates jobs and wealth.

On behalf of Mida, the Minister Augusto Valderrama, who said that they are looking for all the alternatives so that in the next two years of the government of President Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, the efficiency of the farms of small and medium milk producers can be improved.

“Increase milk production per cow, too obtain better genetics and that producers benefit from this production, they are part of our objectives ”, highlighted the head of Mida.

The meeting raised the need to strengthen the sector, From a scientific point of view, through genetic processes, an alternative in which Idiap contributes, to satisfy the growing demands of the Panamanian dairy market, says the Mida press release.

At the meeting they accompanied him, the deputy minister, Carlo Rognoni; Blanca Gómez, Technical Secretary ofl Agricultural Cabinet; Arnulfo Gutiérrez, from Idiap; Avelino Ureña, National Director of Livestock and representatives of the country’s dairy sector.

Dimitris Mamay, from Tetra Pak, thanked for the meeting, in which they were able to express the needs of the sector in order to be more efficient. “It has been very positive, the exchange of ideas and expectations to strengthen the processes to carry this industry forward, to improve the quality and quantity of milk produced ”, he highlighted after the meeting.

Euclide Díaz, representing Anagan, was satisfied with this meeting. “The creation of an institution, under the scheme of an AIP, in the agricultural sector for the management of genetics, with the endorsement of the president, it is the correct action ”, indicated.

The presentation of the AIP, of genetic improvement, is the platform that seeks to contribute to the sustainability of production systems, for the benefit of farmers, for the genetic improvement of their herds and their productivity.

The milk processing industry generates in Panama, about 5 thousand jobs and maintains an investment of 1,000 million balboas.