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Miguel Campos in: ” Crazy hairdressing party ”

Miguel Campos is known by people who do not even know him. And it is that it has a very colorful role in The resistance: ” is to put live images to Broncano. When he says: ‘There is a computer … Look, Miguel is putting an image, such’. That is me, who is looking for live auctions for the things that he is saying. And that’s a job that really blows me away. ” Also works in The hour of the 1, on TVE, together with Nacho García. Two comedians on a current affairs show. At the same time, it performs, twice a month, its function We are all worse, in the Gulf Comedy.

How do you handle being in two such different spaces?

I’m going to get stretch marks from the mood swings that I have to do, because in the morning it is a more current and political mood but also for a morning and evening program. The 1, that is, they have to be whiter, much whiter than what I write later to The resistance and what I do live in The resistance. So there is a moment there, around four in the afternoon, when I have to click and change the mood chip. And it’s really cool, but yeah, I’m going to get stretch marks from the temperature change, I think.

Do you like this busy life? Don’t you miss a quieter stage?

I’m busted all the time, but hey, it’s been a really cool season. It’s over now, luckily, but I had a great time. And I am having a really cool time at my job. The other day, I don’t know what comedian I was talking about. He said: “Damn, when I worked as a filmmaker I didn’t have so much fun at work. Maybe I worked less or had a better life, but this is very fun. Really fun.” The hour of the 1 with Nacho, or the script team of The resistance, or directing, with Ponce, Castella and Broncano, is working with people who seem to me all geniuses. The script team of The resistance it’s incredible and so working with them is hilarious and apart from working with the best of the best. And that’s milk. It’s really cool to work there, really.

How about putting comedy into an information program like The hour of the 1?

When we arrive and suddenly they tell us: “We want to put comedy in a program that has never had comedy, which is the morning of The mornings of the 1, that although they have changed its name, it is still that strip and is aimed at the same audience. ” And Nacho and I said: “Well, let’s try it.” But I think we have succeeded. If there is one thing we can boast of, it is that, suddenly, from that hard gig, we have managed to make a season of two hundred-odd episodes making jokes with news that turned out well at the end. The first time we did it, I heard a political gathering, of whom I am not going to say the name, after Nacho and I tried to make him laugh for ten minutes, exclaim: “But this? Is it going to be every day? “They stopped, went to promos and said:” But is this going to be every day? This shit, are these jerks going to be here every day? ”

The beginnings of any comedian are usually difficult …

I think I’m one of the comedians who has had the weirdest gig. I acted together with Raúl Navarro, the famous showrunner and screenwriter. At one point it was stand up. We both performed at a hair salon anniversary. I don’t know how the hairdresser contacted me, through a friend, and they told us: “Hey, they’re going to have an anniversary party.” And I say: “But, in the hairdresser?”. And he says: “No, in a disco, and they want comedians.” And I said, “But are you sure? They don’t hit anything.” So I talked to them and said: “Well, the most important thing is that the comedians come out first. Before you put on the music, before people even ask for their drinks. First of all, we go out and make our own. shit “because it was a nightclub. Then already musicote and such. Because you know that as soon as people hear music, if you suddenly take it away and I come out, you automatically hate me. You automatically think: “Who is this asshole that is preventing me from dancing and flirting with the person I want to flirt?”

What did they tell you? Could you act before the jarana?

They said, “Yes, yes. No problem.” We arrived and it was a great party, a great party! Raúl Navarro and I were watching, saying: “They are going to kill us.” They removed the music and I acted. I had to do twenty minutes. I did five, because there were about three hundred people talking at the same time as me. He didn’t even hear me on the return. Then Raúl Navarro came out. He ate some other awesome shit.

What a fat prick!

Well then, after us, Jorge Blass, the magician, came out and the bastard blew him up. But of course, the guy came out with fireworks in his hands and everyone like: “Ah! What the hell?” But of course, I had some shitty jokes, which went like: “Have you thought about …? How curious it is …!”, And people: “Shut up, you idiot!” And there was a very funny moment in which the owner of the hairdresser, the master hairdresser, approached us and said: “I loved the show. I’m going to pay you a hundred euros more than what I told you.” And I think: ” He hasn’t seen it, but ok, okay ”. And then, when I went to the hairdresser to get the money, he said: “Well, the one hundred euros I told you, if you don’t mind … I was a little drunk.” “No, man, no. Don’t worry.” So later, we even charge less.

Of course, it is a gig to remember …

I always remember that anecdote. Sometimes Raúl Navarro and I, roll at three in the morning, we write a message of: “Remember the hairdresser. Remember how, no matter how well you are now, no matter how happy, remember that once you were dealing with three hundred uncles who they wanted to kill you on the anniversary of a hairdresser. ” Also, I think we were starting both. It was like the first paid show I did. Don’t think it was: “Well, I’m established and I’m going to do this crazy thing,” but it was: “I haven’t started and this is my first paid show. If it’s all going to be like this, I don’t want to be funny. This is horrible. “. But then, luckily, not everything was like that. Some things, yes.

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