Saturday, September 18

Military gather in front of Congress to demand the end of the temporary status of the Armed Forces

The Union of Military Troops (UMT) has gathered this Saturday in front of the Congress of Deputies to demand that the temporary term in the Armed Forces and the approval of a single law of the military career end. The protest, which has had the support of Vox and Ciudadanos, has claimed under the slogan ‘The defense of Spain is not temporary’ that the temporary military leaves the Armed Forces when they turn 45 years old.

In the words of the second vice president of the Union of Troop Military (UMT), Francisco José Durán, to Europa Press, his main claim is that there be a military career law that encompasses all the professions of the Armed Forces and remunerations “in accordance with which is a salary of the XXI century and to any other public worker “. “Both PSOE and PP have the same line of personnel management, the years go by and we continue in the same situation as 10-15 years ago,” he lamented.

It is a historical vindication of the soldiers of the troop and sailors, who once the first five years of service have been surpassed, sign a contract by which their relationship with the Armed Forces ends at 45 years of age, unless they are promoted or obtained a place of permanence.

The UMT has added the support of Vox and Ciudadanos, with whom it has met in recent days. The general secretary of Vox in Congress, Macarena Olona, ​​has attended the rally, where she has pointed out “discriminatory treatment” against the Armed Forces during the temporary period, at the same time thanking them for their work and their “full recognition”, because they “are Spain”. In addition, Olona has criticized that the military “barely” charge a little more than 900 euros per month: “These are our soldiers, who are applauded from the windows, but when you have to be by their side with concrete measures, both governments they have been abandoned. ”

The Deputy Secretary General for Citizens and Deputy Speaker in Congress, Edmundo Bal, also attended the rally and thanked the Armed Forces for their work in the pandemic, ‘Filomena’ or in the repatriation flights from Afghanistan. Bal has demanded from the Government an improvement in the remuneration of this group of soldiers, measures to reconcile family and work life and a disability law that is equated in Social Security with situations of civil disability.

For her part, the president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, met last Friday with representatives of the UME to convey her support in defense of the “rights” of the military. Arrimadas stressed the need to improve many conditions for members of the Armed Forces, such as temporary status, their remuneration or conciliation measures. “They give everything for their country and have lamentable conditions,” denounced the leader of Cs.

Numerous debates in Congress

The departure of the military at age 45 has been the subject of numerous debates in the Congress of Deputies. After months of study, the Defense Commission last legislature approved an opinion that included a series of proposals to improve their training and job opportunities.

In addition, both Vox and Cs have presented various initiatives in defense of a single law of the military career, which have been rejected by PSOE and PP. Both socialists and ‘popular’ defend the need not to increase the average age of the Armies and the Navy, although they assume the need to address improvements that facilitate their insertion into the civilian labor market.

In any case, the military associations denounce that the measures already contemplated in the 2006 law are not being complied with and denounce that the “applause” received by the Armed Forces does not correspond to “dignified” conditions.

As an example they put their action against the coronavirus during Operation Balmis, the actions against the effects of the storm Filomena or the fires or, in recent weeks, the operation to evacuate Afghans at the Kabul airport.

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