Thursday, July 7

Military satellites manage to communicate with space lasers | Digital Trends Spanish

The communication between satellites It has the particularity that it is normally done through radio signals, so the direct connection does not exist, until now, that the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency as part of its Blackjack project. DARPA managed to get two satellites to share information via space lasers.

They exchanged more than 200 gigabits of data over a distance of about 60 miles (100 kilometers).


The company behind the CACI International achievement, communicated the impressive achievement through the Mandrake II program.

John Mengucci, President and CEO of CACI, said: “Our national security depends on advanced and secure technology that enables modernized networks and enhanced intelligence systems for our warfighters to use small satellites to operate at the speed of relevance. Through the acquisition of SA Photonics, our joint technology and manufacturing capabilities have enabled this successful milestone. In partnership with our mission customers, we are on the path to supporting the contested space domain with faster and safer satellites.”

“We showed with commoditized laser communication that we could do satellite-to-satellite communication, and we really showed that this is no longer at the high end, that we can actually do this with commoditized laser communication platforms and technologies,” said SDA Director Derek Tournear at a virtual event on Tuesday.

The SDA plans to launch all 20 satellites this fall and then launch an additional 126 satellites by 2024, according to SpaceNews. The agency is trying to create a complete constellation that would include among 300 and 500 satellites in low earth orbit.

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