Monday, September 25

Millennium Capital leads bearish bets against the IBEX 35

the hedge fund Millennium Capital Partners is placed as the bear with the most open positions in the IBEX 35 above 0.5 percent of the capital.

The outbreak of the coronavirus meant for the IBEX 35 the beginning of a multitude of attacks against its components by hedge funds. Two years later the trend continues and Millennium Capital now has the largest number of bearish positions in selective values.

The US hedge fund shows with its investments greater than 0.5 percent of the capital of the companies, the minimum required to declare for short positions by the CNMV, his preference for values ​​related to energy.

Millennium now has four open attacks against IBEX 35. The biggest of them is against Acciona, representing 0.69 percent of the share capital.

It is followed by the one made against Electric Network, of 0.66 percent of the circulating; the of Solaria, 0.63 percent of the shares, and Enagas, of 0.61 percent of the capital.

16 bears on the IBEX 35

Back to the IBEX 35, and according to CNMV records, up to 16 hedge funds have open short positions of more than 0.5 percent of the share capital of the IBEX 35 components.

The companies in question are Acciona, ACS, Bankinter, Cellnex, Cie Automotive, Enagas, Ferrovial, Grifols, Indra, Pharmamar, Electric Network, Repsol, Siemens Gamesa, Solaria and Telefónica.

AKO Capital, also very active on the companies of the 35 club since the Covid-19 began to impact the markets, follows Millennium Capital with three bearish positions.

AKO Capital has 1.43 percent against ACS, 0.84 percent against Red Eléctrica and 0.58 percent against Grifols.

Blackrock AM UK It also currently has three bearish positions distributed between Enagás, of 0.91 percent; Cie Automotive, 0.69 percent, and Telefónica, 0.62 percent.

AQR Capital slows down

The US entity, from its London hedge fund, dares with Telefónica, one of the totems of the IBEX 35, but nothing compared to AQR Capital.

The hedge fund of U.S based in Greenwich, in the state of Connecticut, is an old acquaintance not only of the IBEX 35 in general, but of its great stocks in particular.

Now it has a bearish position of 0.69 percent of ACS and 0.58 percent of Ferrovial, but through their portfolios have passed several of the heavyweights of the selective.

The vehicle founded by Clifford S. Asness, always known as Cliff, is one of the great references in hedge investments with assets under management of more than 143,000 million dollars, according to the latest known data.

Cliff became the king of bears on the IBEX 35 since the appearance of the coronavirus and until the third quarter of 2021, passing through his hands bearish positions in Santander Bank, Iberdrola, BBVA Amadeus o Cellnex.

The rest of the hedge fund only have one open position

But in the past it also went through Telefónica and has been the only hedge fund to dare against the largest Spanish company, Inditex, which suffered its attacks in 2018.

He also visited with his attacks on other banking securities such as caixabank, in 2017, Grifols, in 2018, or Aena, last year.

The rest of the hedge funds present in IBEX 35 listed companies only have one open position: Citadel, 0.54 percent in Bankinter; David E. S. & Co, 0.68% in Cellnex; Covalis, 1.04 percent in Enagás; Was Capital, 0.85 percent in Indra, Capital Immersion, 1.67 percent in Indra.

AHL Partners, 0.69 percent in Pharmamar; Point 72 Europe, 0.5 percent in Red Eléctrica; Exodus Point, 0.5 percent in Repsol; Canada Pension Plan, 0.59 percent in Siemens Gamesa; Odey AM, 1.8 percent in Solaria; Helikon, 0.7 percent in Solaria and Sandbar AM, 0.55 percent in Solaria.