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Millions of users won Telegram with the fall of WhatsApp | Digital Trends Spanish

The downfall of one social network is the benefit of others. In this case, the time that WhatsApp and Facebook were down meant profit for Telegram, which added 70 million new users to its platform.

It was Pavel Durov himself, one of the founders and owners of Telegram, who broke the news through a message in the same application. “We welcome 70 million refugees from other platforms in a single day,” wrote Durov, assuring that the technical team had to make an effort to cope with so many people without interruptions to the service.

Of course, there were indeed some intermittencies in Telegram last Monday, but they were minor problems and more than falls, there was slowness in the delivery of messages or the sending of images and files in general.

“Welcome to Telegram,” Durov closed, emphasizing that Telegram is the largest independent messaging platform and that “we will not fail them like the rest.”

Luis Miguel Paredes / Digital Trends in Spanish

However, the great challenge for Telegram is not only to gain new users, but to maintain them over time. Every time WhatsApp goes down, people flock to new messaging apps which they then abandon once the service is normalized on their platform of choice.

And it is very likely that that will happen again, beyond that 70 million users in a single day is not a small number. Telegram is effectively a tool superior to WhatsApp in several respects, but it cannot compete with the latter’s reach worldwide.

With these new numbers, Telegram will surely surpass the 500 million active users a day that they had reported some time ago.

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