Wednesday, January 26

Minaland: Nigeria’s very own multi-chain NFT marketplace

In recent times, blockchain technology has proven to be not only the future of money but also an integral part of our daily existence as humans. And now in the entire crypto industry, NFT’s and metaverse cryptocurrencies are the order of the day.

With the new wave, wouldn’t it be so cool combining an NFT marketplace that showcases African themed items holding historic facts and a metaverse game that tells a real story of wars, dominance, victories and freedom?

Sure it will. Just imagine that! Never mind, Minaland is one of such projects and the first of its kind to integrate that and is ready to blow your imaginations.

Minaland is a project with a revolutionary prospect fusing two ecosystems – the NFT marketplace and a gaming world, whose content was crafted from elements and ideas with cultural and historical heritage traced to real humans and civilizations all around Africa.

Another amazing feature about the Minaland projects is the P2E (play-to-earn) idea, where lovers of this project get to play an adventure of the great queen Amina of Zazzau, earning tokens as they play the game and also enjoying the story of an epic warrior (Queen Amina ) in sub-Saharan Africa who reigned for thirty-four years as the Queen of Zazzau. She was known for her doggedness in trying to protect her terrain from invaders and in course to preserve her land, she engaged in many successful battles which saw her triumph against her enemies.

With that said, holders and gamers would learn and earn treasures into their purses. Isn’t that lovely? Yes, it is, so it’s safe to say Minaland places much priority on its investors.

The Minaland NFT marketplace will serve as the arsenal for various in-game weapons of war that you can equip Queen Amina with as she seeks to expand the boundaries of the kingdom of Zazzau. Her motherland and the marketplace will equally be an avenue where historical, social and cultural art pieces and collectables can be minted, bought and sold. This and many more will be featured and explored on the Minaland ecosystem.

The project would be a multi-chained digital NFT platform but would be launched firstly on the Binance smart chain network and gradually expand to other smart contract enabled blockchain in later phases. Each blockchain marketplace and NFTs are separate and independent, users will be able to switch between blockchain easily on the Minaland application user interface, thereby creating an awesome user experience and easy access for investors.

The $MIN tokens would be sold at $0.015/ token to seed round investors, $0.02/token to private sale investors and $0.025/token to pubic sale investors. Only 10% of tokens allocated to seed round investors and private sales investors would be released 10days after IDO and the remaining tokens would be vested for 8months. 20% of tokens allocated for public sales would be released at IDO and the remaining tokens would be released linearly for the next 8months.


Wear an armoured plate with your designated weapon of choice and conquer the vast lands with Queen Amina, destroying enemies and increasing her dominance in Minaland. Don’t just listen to tales, ape in, feel it and be part of a true story while increasing the bouyancy of your wallets/purse on the go.