Friday, December 3

MinePlex Looks to Version 2.0 Following Results Conference

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After launching in the middle of a global pandemic and rolling out a slew of product and service offerings including commodity staking, token transfer, and global crypto payments, the team behind the CrossFi bank MinePlex had its first conference in Dubai in late September 2021.

The conference had over 150 attendees and known figures from the crypto and banking industry, experts, and political scientists in attendance. Speaking on the matter was Alexander Mamasidikov – Co-Founder of the project:

“We were glad to see all the guests at the conference. This was an important milestone in the formation of the project. We did not just celebrate the year since the company’s birth, we attracted the best speakers and MinePlex partners to discuss the situation of the crypto industry. Understand how to move on, what to do next. Only networking and brainstorming allows you to give birth to new ideas and understand the vector of market development.”

On the discussion table for the conference was the need for blockchain education, creating public trust in blockchain technology, and, of course, the global rise of crypto. The rise of crypto, most agreed, can be at least partially credited to the frustration that many feel towards the traditional banking sector. Centralized systems have had a monopoly for so long but consumers are being offered more control and access with cryptocurrency and this has fueled its rise.

What is MinePlex?

MinePlex has been doing its part to help increase the access that customers enjoy to banking services. CrossFi is specifically designed to leverage blockchain to provide banking services and MinePlex does this through offering crypto buying and selling, transfers, staking, and so on. This is part of the larger vision that the company is pursuing.

According to the co-founder, the services within the ecosystem are “designed to cover the basic needs and values of users.

While MinePlex has been able to roll out its roster of goods and services, it has not all been smooth sailing. Besides launching during a global pandemic, the crypto industry is under more scrutiny than ever before, with regulators coming down hard on even some of the top companies in the space. Despite the progress cryptocurrency and blockchain have made, some are still skeptical about it and some regulators still oppose it. However, Mamasidikov believes that these issues can be resolved over time.

MinePlex Eyes 2.0

At the recent conference, the main point of focus was MinePlex 2.0, the new version of MinePlex that builds on the platform established in its first year with new features. While some might wonder why MinePlex is launching a 2.0 version so soon, the company brings the necessary clarification and reasoning:

“MinePlex 2.0 expands the range of services and scales the project. This will allow you to start using products in a new way and will give you more ambitious, progressive opportunities. In the near future, we are launching crypto cards that will allow you to spend cryptocurrency directly from sellers without conversion.

POS-terminal that will accept its own MinePlex crypto products and products of the international payment systems Mastercard, Visa, Union Pay for payments in PLEX and in the currencies of countries in settlements for purchases in the retail network or at cryptocurrency exchange offices.” he said.

The conference also saw the official launch of the MinePlex crypto card and a formal demonstration of how it works. The card has been integrated with the Mastercard payment system thanks to a partnership between MinePlex and  Dzing Finance and this will allow it to work around the world, giving more options to MinePlex users.

This, along with an incoming mobile platform that gives all of MinePlex’s features in a single place is part of the bigger vision, which is to make new strides with the blockchain industry.


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