Wednesday, March 22

Minera Panama must comply with environmental mitigation measures, the Ombudsman requests the Executive

The Ombudsman as the governing body of the Human Rights of the Republic of Panama, issued a statement in which it pronounces itself regarding the negotiation that the National government with the company Copper Panama and the new contract that must be signed with the nation.

The entity that protects human rights formally requested the Ministry of Trade and Industries (Small) al Ministry of Environment (MiAmbiente) and Executive Body that require the company Copper Panama, unrestricted compliance with real and measurable climate change mitigation measures.

In addition, it considers that Panama should not allow the company to continue failing to comply with environmental impact studies and measures.

Likewise, the Ombudsman expresses that before the negotiation, it is imperative to review the content of the environmental part and that the company complies to avoid damage to the environment and the nearby population, aligned to the OSustainable Development Goal (SDG) No. 13 that urges the adoption of urgent measures to combat climate change and its effects.

We firmly believe in the importance of the company having a work plan transforming the existing coal plant and lowering the temperature of discharged water.