Tuesday, January 18

Minimalist like a Tesla, wider than a Rolls Royce: this electric car wants to lead in carpooling

Arrival has released the images about his car designed for carpooling through platforms like Uber. The startup puts its first car on the table, designed to be small, but promising more interior space than any other car with its dimensions.

It seems very small, but here it fits five people

Arrival Driving Position

Arrival’s first car is an interesting electric concept created in conjunction with the help of Uber. Front glass is wider than usual, to offer greater visibility than what we are used to seeing in a conventional vehicle. Despite not being an SUV, the position of the driving position is elevated, to further help with this point.

Inside the Arrival Car is very simple, but the company promises more space in the rear seats than in a Rolls Royce

The driving position is minimalist, with a large central screen a la Tesla and without distractions. There is no keypad for air conditioning and other basic functions of the car, everything is controlled from said panel.

Tg Image 3681148568

Inside, It is a car that promises to be more spacious than a Rolls Royce on its rear. As we can see in the presentation video, it is possible to fully stretch the legs and the space between the glass ceiling and our head is unusually wide. (as long as we are not higher than the bill).

The passenger seat can be folded up and stowed forward to free up even more space for passengers. It is designed for shared trips, so interior space and the ability to fit several suitcases in the trunk is the priority.

This is the first version of the Arrival Car, although the company ensures that it is already 100% functional. There is no set date for the completion of the project, but everything is progressing at a good pace so that we will soon see it integrated into fleets like Uber’s.