Sunday, July 3

Minister Escrivá proposes to extend the 15% increase in the minimum vital income until the end of the year

The Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, has announced his intention to extend the 15% increase in the minimum vital income (IMV) due to the war in Ukraine until December, as agreed for non-contributory pensions. “We are working, although it is not yet finished, on a time horizon for the social protection measures that we have designed until the end of the year,” he stated this Thursday.

The Government agrees with EH Bildu to raise non-contributory pensions by 15%

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Both measures will be part of the so-called anti-crisis decree that the Government plans to approve before the end of June as an extension of the first shock plan due to the economic effects of the conflict after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

On the other hand, last month the Ministry of Social Security agreed to a 15% increase in non-contributory pensions with EH Bildu to carry out the law on the public pension fund.

That increase was agreed with the Basque independence supporters until December and, in the same way, the 15% increase in the IMV is also expected to last until the end of the year, José Luis Escrivá responded.

Same extension for the whole package?

The first decree with shock measures for the inflationary crisis due to the war in Ukraine was approved in March and extended for three months, until the end of June. At the moment, its extension announced by President Sánchez was also expected for another quarter.

However, José Luis Escrivá’s intention to extend these two measures further, throughout the semester, opens the question of whether the same thing will also happen with any other initiative of the shock plan.

For example, on the extension of the electric social bond and the cap on rent increases that already appeared in the first decree. Both measures are designed above all for the “most vulnerable”, the Government has defended, such as the IMV.

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