Saturday, September 30

Minister Sabonge says that it is possible that Line 3 of the Metro will reach La Chorrera

The head of the Ministry of Public Works (MOP), Rafael Sabonge, stated that there is a possibility that Line 3 of the Panama Metro be extended to the district of The Chorrera.

“It is being evaluated, there are four additional kilometers…of course there is the possibility and it is also planned, there are four kilometers, the estimated investment is around $400 million, but we know that the center of La Chorrera is where the people are and the public transport should always look for people”, said Minister Sabonge.

He explained that at this time the construction work on Metro Line 3 is 2.56% complete, and currently the piles are being made in four different stations and in the train yard.

On the other hand, he reported that in the West Panama region the MOP is developing other projects, among which he mentioned the rehabilitation of some 85 kilometers of street in La Chorrera, as well as the expansion of the road that runs from the highway to the port Vacamonte, which also includes a bike lane and sidewalks.

It is worth mentioning that Line 3 of the Metro, which will depart from the Albrook station and will go through Arraiján, Nuevo Chorrillo and arrive at Ciudad del Futuro, will have a route in its first phase of 24.5 kilometers, along which 14 stations will be distributed.