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Ministers of France were spied on with the Pegasus program | Digital Trends Spanish

French authorities have denounced that they found indications that, at least, the cell phones of five ministers and a diplomat had been infected with the Pegasus spy program.

The French security services found traces of this program developed by the Israeli company NSO on the phones, which would have been infected in 2019 and 2020.

The affected ministers would be of Education, Housing, Agriculture, Overseas and Territorial Cohesion, while the diplomat works with President Emmanuel Macron on international affairs.

“My telephone number was one of those examined by the National Information Systems Security Agency,” the Housing Minister, Emmanuelle Wargon, told L’Opinion newspaper.

In July, an investigation carried out by various international media revealed the use of Pegasus to spy on journalists, politicians and human rights activists.

After this investigation, which was carried out based on a list of 50 thousand telephones and obtained by the organization Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International, several people in France reported having been spied on by this software.

Wargon said in the same outlet that he could not confirm if she was among those affected, mainly because she had not yet received the official results of the investigation. Anyway, he explained that, for security reasons, he decided to change his phone.

When this international complaint was made known, Morocco was accused of resorting to this spyware. However, the authorities of that country denied the information, pointing out that they were “false and baseless accusations”, and initiated legal proceedings in Spain, France and Germany.

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