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Ministry of Economy promotes event on cryptocurrencies

In the coming days, the Ministry of Economy will promote an event on cryptocurrencies, with the presence of servers from the portfolio that monitor the market.

The cryptocurrency technology really draws attention in Brazil, especially in the last year, a period in which Bitcoin, the largest of digital currencies, went through a huge appreciation in the market.

With this movement, many people who did not know the technology began to see a market involved in a process of financial innovation. Across the world, even without regulation, Bitcoin continues to attract people to the ecosystem, as this currency is decentralized and does not have interference from either the government or companies.

In a world worried about fiat currency inflation, Bitcoin has awakened as an asset that has faced this problem, which erodes people’s purchasing power.

Even so, many people have appropriated the technology to commit crimes, associating its image with illicit activities, and are now targets of governments that try to keep control of innovation under this perspective.

Ministry of Economy promotes event on cryptocurrencies

On the next 24th and 25th of November, the Ministry of Economy will promote its 1st Internal Affairs Seminar, which will be broadcast live throughout Brazil on the channel. YouTube official folder.

The first edition of the meeting aims to discuss Administrative Disciplinary Law and Contemporary Perspectives. It is worth remembering that in the organization chart of the Ministry of Economy, the Internal Affairs Unit is linked to the Executive Secretariat, which is then linked to Minister Paulo Guedes.

This event will feature a lecture on the first day, on Innovations in the Internal Affairs System of the Federal Executive Branch.

Furthermore, on the 24th, the Ministry of Economy will present Panel I, of 4 events that will be conducted, on the theme of “Cryptocurrencies and Money Laundering”.

The presentation of the matter will be moderated by the General Coordinator of Correctional Analysis at the Internal Affairs Unit of the Ministry of Economy, Dionísio Carvalhedo Barbosa. This event starts at 2:30 pm and will be attended by three more panelists.

One of the presenters will be Ana Paula Bez Betti (National Treasury Attorney), a specialist who has already helped in the seizure of several cryptocurrencies in crimes in Brazil.

The other two participants will be Adriana Shimabukuro (Coordinator for Combating Cybercrime at the São Paulo Attorney’s Office) and Ronald Cesar Thompson (Inspector Tax Auditor).

1 Seminar of the Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Economy / Dissemination

The event will address issues of the use of cryptocurrencies in money laundering crimes, one of the possible uses for which the technology has been used. Anyway, it shows that the Ministry of Economy has an eye on the sector, promoting an important debate on the subject in Brazil.


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