Wednesday, December 8

Ministry of Tourism promotes event on NFTs with support from Bob Burnquist

The Ministry of Tourism in Brazil, through FUNARTE, is promoting a meeting on NFTs arts, with the support of even skateboarder Bob Burnquist.

This NFTs term refers to a new possibility of creating blockchain content, such as images, videos and even music. However, technology has no limits, with the creative capacity of artists being increasingly tested in this digital environment, which promotes unique experiences.

Remember that artists from all over the world are already creating NFTs, and from different sectors. One of the sportsmen to enter the sector recently was player Neymar Júnior, who announced an exclusive collection.

This is just a specific case of the use of cryptocurrency technology to create innovations, but it has been attracting attention around the world.

FUNARTE promotes meeting on NFTs

The National Arts Foundation – Funarte, the UFRJ Music School and the Bob Burnquist Institute will hold an unusual meeting in São Paulo starting this Thursday (25th).

The meeting is called FUN ARTE – Circuit Art with Skate and Culture and will go until next Sunday (28). The meeting is in person and free of charge, but is subject to the capacity of the Funarte SP Cultural Complex.

Thus, participants will have the opportunity to participate in workshops, conversation circles and shows. One of the workshops will be on the cryptocurrency market, called Crypto Cria, with registration open by Sympla.

“At the NFT – Crypto Cria workshop, participants will learn about how the world cryptoart market works, how to participate in it and how to expand the financial reach of a work of art with tokenization. Five NFT trading platforms will be presented, as well as projects made by NFT artists, designers and entrepreneurs.”

The event recalled that the word “NFT” was chosen as the term of the year by the Collins Dictionary, representing a new digital storage environment for exclusive arts.

Legendary skater Bob Burnquist will be speaking every day

Bob Burnquist is one of the main Brazilian skateboarders, a sport that was even included in the last Olympics in Japan and saw medals come to Brazil. During this event, he will be participating and promoting debates with guests every day.

Also, Bob is a fan of Bitcoin cryptocurrency technology and has already created his own NFT collection. Last week, for example, he announced that he was the ambassador for the NFT PowerJags project, which is selling art for the protection of Brazilian wild animals.

Remember that the event FUN ARTE it will also feature DJs, sambas, among other cultural activities.

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