Saturday, January 22

Minsa warns of the risk of an increase in Covid-19 cases if we lower our guard for Christmas holidays

The Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, He reiterated the call to the population that during this month of December, when several festivities are celebrated, not to lower their guard, maintain biosecurity measures and go to be vaccinated to complete the complete scheme against Covid-19.

Sucre warned the population that December cannot happen last year when after the celebrations there was a considerable increase in infections and deaths, which forced to apply a quarantine.

The minister was categorical in pointing out that Christmas parades are prohibited to celebrate in streets and avenues, since in this type of activities there is no way to control the entry of vaccinated and non-vaccinated people or compliance with biosafety measures.

Indicated yes Other types of Christmas activities can be carried out for the family and children in controlled spaces. He invited the organizers of these events to present to each regional health department their permit application and the biosafety plan where they support how they will control entry either with capacity at 100% or with 50% capacity.

He recalled that in the capacity with capacity to 100% all those who enter must have a complete vaccination scheme against Covid-19, including local employees. It is mandatory to verify at the entrance the presentation of the QR or vaccination card.