Friday, September 22

Miren Larrion’s three-year prison sentence suspended, who will do 250 days of community work

The criminal case in which the former spokesperson for EH Bildu in Vitoria and also a Basque parliamentarian Miren Larrion has been involved is now fully resolved. The judge of Vitoria Roberto Ramos has agreed, according to an order dated this Friday notified this Monday, that the sentence of three years in prison is suspended for having supplanted a party colleague and opened a current account in his name . The execution of the sentence, if the conditions set by the magistrate are met, will be substantiated with 250 days of community work and with the payment in monthly payments of no more than 150 euros of the 2,835 euros of criminal fine.

The fine print of Larrion’s sentence: he will accept three years in prison, three crimes and compensate the victim

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Regarding community work, the file now passes from the court to the service for the execution of sentences, an office dependent on the Basque Government. It will be there where the condemned person’s profile is analyzed and where her final destination is decided. Of course, the sources consulted indicate that it is a window that accumulates significant delays, even “months”. Ramos’ order, known this Monday, explains that they are “necessary conditions” for the suspension of the sentence that the prisoner “has committed a crime for the first time” or that compensation has been paid to the victim (in this case symbolic, of just 50 euros), as well as that there is no crime in the future. This suspension covers a period of four years.

“The following circumstances or data must be valued or taken into account -explains the judge-. On the one hand, that in the conviction subject to execution, an analogous attenuation of psychic alteration or mental disorder was appreciated that affected or influenced the commission of the acts for which she was convicted. On the other hand, it has been documented by the defense that it is currently undergoing psychological and/or psychiatric proceedings. [sic] in relation to this pathology. Finally, that he has adequate family and social support, as can be deduced from the documentation that has been attached by the defense”. Regarding community work, it is estimated that it is a “symbolic” alternative for reparation “in view of the unique circumstances” of this case.

This was the resolution of the case

After months of investigation, in May a sentence was issued in which it was proven that Larrion, already retired from politics since these events, committed a minor crime of theft for having stolen his colleague’s wallet, in which he kept a 50 euro note and all its documentation and cards. To this is added another charge of usurpation of marital status with the aggravating circumstance of “disguise”, because Larrion characterized himself as the victim in the bank, before the Police when she was arrested or on social networks (he used his photograph on WhatsApp). Finally, another “continued” crime of false documents has been considered proven, since she imitated signatures and acted on behalf of a third party at all times. Although the first does not go beyond a minor crime, the last two types did carry sentences of one and two years in prison, respectively. However, procedurally, suspensions are usually allowed in the event that none of the crimes individually exceeds two years and the culprit has no record, as is the case. These sentences were polished after an agreement between the former politician’s lawyer, Ramón del Valle, and the Prosecutor’s Office, although she had already publicly assumed many months ago what has only now been confirmed, that she will not really go to jail.

The sentence against Larrion reveals a “preconceived plan” by which on December 22, 2020 he “seized” the portfolio of his colleague at EH Bildu “with the aim of obtaining an illicit asset benefit” with a series of banking operations that were cut by the Ertzaintza in its first bars. Thus, in January he went to Vodafone and registered a telephone line with the stolen documentation. And on January 26 he did the same with an email account and a post office box, 6004 in Vitoria. On January 29 was when he opened the deposit at Bankinter and on February 9 he made a first deposit of 300 euros. On February 22, a trap was set for him: the digital keys were not given to him electronically so that he would go to the office and give himself away. He “altered his usual physical appearance” for that visit. It has been noted that Larrion had “acute stress and anxiety disorder” but also that he “maintained a sense of reality” at all times.